Volkswagen Arena stadium of Wolfsburg

Accommodation near the Volkswagen Arena stadium of Wolfsburg, how to get there and what to do in the area.

Upcoming Matches

Wolfsburg VS Gent of 08/03/2016

Wolfsburg and Gent meet for the second leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League 2015/2016.

Inside the Volkswagen Arena

Volkswagen Arena football stadium is where the Wolfsburg team play. Officially inaugurated on December 13, 2002, it has a capacity of 30,000 seats. The first Wolfsburg match was played at this stadium two years after the inauguration, with Stuttgart beating Wolfsburg two goals to one. Volkswagen Arena is located northeast of the main Wolburg train station. The walk to the stadium, crossing the railway line and a canal, takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The stadium is easily accessible from the A39 (which links with the A2 just south of Wolfsburg).

On this page you will find accommodation close to the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, which is in In den Allerwiesen 1, Wolfsburg. On the official website at this address, you can find any information you may need.