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Macao has been one of the earliest European colonies in Asia, and if you walk through the old city you can convince yourself you are in Europe, even if people and signs are in Chinese. Known as the New Las Vegas, Macao generates more revenue from gambling than anywhere else on the planet. More than 14 millions people every year choose Macao as their travel destination, and the city is at the sixth place in the global City Destinations Ranking.

Climate is subtropical with hot summers and mild winters, and the all Macao Peninsula, which is small, compact and full of things to discover, can be visited renting a scooter. A large section of Macao Peninsula has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, and many buildings and sites within the area have been deemed to have cultural and historic significance. And if you walk around you'll find churches, temples, fortresses and other old buildings bearing an interesting mix of Portuguese and Chinese characteristics.

As said before, gambling is Macao's biggest industry. Most casinos are located along the waterfront on the southern side of the Peninsula. Gamblers are required to be at least 21 years of age to play. Don't forget that Macao is also famous for excellent restaurants, unique cuisine and mellow bars. Try the perfect mix of European and Chinese culture in Macanese cuisine!


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