Thalassa Festival 2015: Italian Occult Psychedelia in Rome

A dark sea of ​​sounds to dive into: this is Thalassa, a festival dedicated to the Italian Occult Psychedelia, happening in Rome from April 2 to April 4. A festival now at its third edition (HERE you can find all the information on the line-up and how to attend the concerts), which is housed in the basement of the Dal Verme music club.

The place has its own soundproof bunker dedicated to live music which can fit 80 people. Each of the three nights, these lucky 80 will attend performances which have in common their distance from mainstream music .

Occult Italian Psychedelia is not a scene, not a movement, it’s rather a common destination shared by the bands that will participate in “Thalassa”, the festival defined as “an entrance gate to get into those suprasensorial states that a certain type of music can evoke“.

No labels or tags to go by, but rather the variety of sounds and styles ranging from psychedelic stoner rock, to the inspiration provided by Italian-style movie soundtracks, to the chthonic mysteries of the sounds of Mediterranean cultures. Thalassa may rhyme with molasses and it can also have the same effect: a festival which will get stuck in your head more than on your skin.