Visiting Rome, the open set of Italian cinema

There are thousands of ways of visiting Rome, and each of them is able to give a very special magic to the tourist who ventures. There are itineraries of historical and archaeological interest, or you can go and explore the many places of worship symbol of Christianity. You can also tackle the city from a slightly different point of view, going in search of the places that have celebrated the city on the big screen, even more so after the film “The great beauty” by Paolo Sorrentino has been awarded the title of Best Foreign Language Film at the latest edition of the Academy Awards ceremony.

A journey through famous monuments and hidden places of the city, which made the fortune of great actors and directors, and that turned Rome into a kind of huge open-air set, with a scope that extends well beyond the boundaries of the ancient city. And if it is true that Sorrentino’s recalls “The sweet life” by Federico Fellini, then the the visual of Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni inside Trevi Fountain immediately comes to mind, as does the famous Via Veneto.

come Marcello come!

Come Marcello… come!

But there are also areas of the capital city that are less known to traditional tourism, starting from the EUR neighborhood to the Park of the Aqueducts, or the Tuscolano area, with Piazza Don Bosco which had been used as a location by Fellini because of its “architectural relationship” with the EUR. A place that reminds us of the ”bold stroke of the usual suspects “, another film shot in Piazza Don Bosco which is the sequel to the 1958 movie by Mario Monicelli. And by the way, the staircase next to the building that houses the Mount of pawns targeted by “Big Deal”, is located in Via IV Novembre, the downhill road that connects via Nazionale and Piazza Venezia.

And if we see someone put their hand in the Mouth of Truth, don’t we all immediately trigger the memory of the scene in “Roman Holiday” when Gregory Peck pretends to have lost his hand in front of a stunned Audrey Hepburn? An interesting fact about this scene is the fact that it had not been agreed, but it was the result of an impromptu by Gregory Peck, with the surprise of Hepburn resulting even more real.

Roman Holidays

“Roman Holiday” – The scene at the Mouth of Truth

Going back to the beginning, the official website of Rome’s tourist board offers a number of interesting tips to go hunting for the various locations of “The great beauty”, especially with a guide edited by Costantino D’Orazio, art historian and author of the book “The Secret Rome in the film The Great Beauty”. It all starts at the Colosseum, where the house of Jep Gambardella is, and then you get lost among the more or less known buildings and monuments of the eternal city, in three different suggested itineraries.

The great beauty

“The great beauty” – Jep Gambardella (Toni Servillo) in front of the Colosseum

As a closure, our film-themed itinerary for visiting Rome must include the absolute masterpiece that is “Rome, Open City” by Roberto Rossellini, a chronicle of the days when the city was still in the hands of the German Nazis. In the occasion of the latest anniversary of the April the 25th Liberation Day, a restored version of the film was shown in more than 70 theaters. The film’s locations are set in the Pigneto neighborhood, in particular in Via Montecuccoli where it is easy to recognize the location of the tragic run of Anna Magnani after the Nazi truck where her partisan husband has been loaded. “Francis, Francis!” Screamed Anna Magnani (Pina in the film) desperate, before falling to the ground, shot to death.

Rome, Open City

“Rome, Open City” – The famous desperate race of Pina (Anna Magnani)

Ideas for a journey to discover the places that have contributed to these great films, inspired by the history and beauty of one of the most amazing cities in the world.

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