About travelers and hosts: the Personal Travels Magazine


Welcome to the Personal Travels Magazine, which is the tool that we have chosen to communicate our passion for travel stories, declined in all its possible variants. All from a point of view that we hope will be interesting and new. Because traveling, before being the core of our work, is our greatest passion. A passion we want to share with our readers.

Over the coming months, our travel magazine will keep you updated on key news affecting the industry. We will try to provide useful advice on the one hand to those who are about to take a trip, alone, with family or in a group. On the other hand we will offer insights and interesting statistics for those who welcome travelers into their properties as guests.

Being based in Italy, we also intend to explore the most important and beautiful Italian cities looking at them in a different light from what is traditionally proposed by the various guides. We’ll focus on some details and provide alternative paths, without forgetting to tell the adventures and the most enjoyable aspects of traveling.

Together, we want to try and tell the most fascinating travel experiences, those that exceed any pattern, and change the course of a lifetime, also inviting readers to contact us to share their unforgettable travel experiences on these pages. Pages that will be useful mainly to get in touch with you readers, travelers and hoteliers and hosts of all kinds, to introduce our company, and to know you better.

We will invest all our expertise and passion in the hope that our publication will represent both the morning-coffee reading, and a useful tool to provide some inspiration to delve into the world of tourism. Our travel magazine is here, don’t forget to share your comments and feedback with us!